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Our Thai cooking school in Bangkok is very convenient as it is located next to a BTS Skytrain station.  Thai cooking classes with us are FUN, PROFESSIONAL, AUTHENTIC, and fully air conditioned.  Come see our new Thai cookery school by taking a cooking class for a half day or for eight weeks.  We teach Thai cooking–hands-on beginner classes, vegetarian classes, private classes, professional chef courses, fruit carving and team building events.  We are in Bangkok waiting for you…what are you waiting for?

With us, you have five choices on how you can learn to cook authentic Thai dishes:

  1. Beginner Cooking Classes–31 dishes to learn, YOU select the menu, 2 classes daily, Monday-Saturday
  2. Vegetarian Cooking Classes–31 dishes to learn, YOU select the menu, 2 classes daily, Monday-Saturday
  3. Private Cooking Classes–You select 5 dishes from 130+ available; one of our chefs will  teach you how to cook them (one-on-one).  “For those serious about learning Thai cooking”. Click HERE to read more.
  4. “Specialized” Cooking Classes–Want to take some cooking classes not normally taught in most cooking schools? We can help here, just take a look at our special customized classes (at the bottom of Private Thai Cooking Class page).
  5. Chef Training Courses–These are in-depth, more intense learning with our head chef, a great way to fine-tune your cooking skills and a great way to become a Master Thai Culinary Chef. We offer a Professional Thai Vegetarian 5 day coursePrivate Chef Training, and Basic to Advanced chef training courses from 1 to 8 weeks.

>> Our Vegetarian Cooking Classes


CONVENIENT–Next to BTS Bang Chak (12 minutes from BTS Asoke), easy to find (NO TAXI NEEDED)
COMFORTABLE–Frying, food prepping and eating ALL in air conditioning (no heat & no sweat)
NO MSG–We do not cook with Monosodium Glutamate


Beginner Cooking Classes (1/2 Day)

  • Cost: 1,400 B half day class, paid in cash or by credit card (+3%)
  • All instruction, frying, preparation and eating done in new air conditioned classrooms (no heat & no sweat)
  • 5 dishes/class
  • Each student selects what he wants to learn
  • 25 dishes available to learn
  • Pickup at BTS Bang Chak (12 minutes from BTS Asoke), Exit 5 at the end of the elevated walkway (NO TAXI NEEDED)
  • Complimentary herbal drink
  • Market tour for AM & PM classes
  • Make sticky rice
  • Make coconut milk  
  • Monday-Saturday, AM class 8:45-12:45; PM class 1:00-5:00
  • Sunday classes available for large groups only
  • Internet access to 31 recipes + videos
  • Certificate of Achievement awarded upon request during class
  • Frequently Asked Questions


NOTE:  Each student can select what he wants to learn.


green curry with chickenRed-Curry-ChickenYellow-Curry-ChickenPanang curry with chickenMassaman-ChickenKhao Soy Chiken
  • Green curry
  • Red curry
  • Yellow curry
  • Panang
  • Massaman
  • Khao Soy

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Tom-Yum-GoongTom-Ka-GaiSom TamLaab Gaiglass noddle soupbook now
  • Tom Yum Goong
  • Tom Kha Gai
  • Som Tam
  • Laab Gai
  • Glass Noodle Salad

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Pad-ThaiPineapple-Fried-RicePad See EwChicken-SatayThai Noddles soupbook now
  • Pad Thai
  • Pineapple Fried Rice
  • Pad See Ew
  • Chicken Satay
  • Thai Noodles Soup (Kway Teow Moo Nam Sai)

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Chicken-with-CashewsBlack-Pepper-Beefchicken with basil leafSweet-Sour-Chickenstir fried morning glorystir fried vegetables
  • Chicken with Cashews
  • Black Pepper Beef
  • Minced Chicken with Spicy Basil
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken
  • Stir Fried Morning Glories
  • Mixed Vegetables in Oyster Sauces

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Mango with sticky riceDeep fried bananaBanana in coconut milk
  • Mango with Sticky Rice
  • Deep Fried Bananas
  • Bananas in Coconut Milk

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AM SESSION (8:45 AM-12:45 PM)

  • Market Tour
  • Make Sticky Rice & Coconut Milk
  • Complimentary herbal drink

PM SESSION (1:00 PM-5:00 PM)

  • Market Tour
  • Make Sticky Rice & Coconut Milk
  • Complimentary herbal drink

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Some benefits of learning Thai cooking at our Academy:

Instruction by our chefs in:

  • Preparation of 200+ Thai meals & at least 7 curry pastes
  • Making sticky rice & coconut milk
  • Learn to use woks and Thai cooking utensils


  • Payment for cooking classes is in cash (Thai Baht) or credit card (+3%), paid at the end of your class.

Visit :

  • A Thai fresh market

Receive :

  • FREE tea, coffee, and water during class
  • Internet access to 31 recipes + videos
  • Certificate of Achievement by taking 1 or more classes


Want to learn vegetarian or vegan Thai cooking?  Not a problem.   Thai recipes can be adjusted as needed.  Other ingredients such as tofu, soy proteins, mushroom sauce, soy sauce,… can be used. Please let us know of your needs when booking. To see our special Vegetarian Thai Cooking Class menu, please click HERE.

Note: We teach 7 of the World’s 50 most delicious foods, according to CNN–#36 Nam Tok Gai, #24 Fried Rice, #19 Green Curry, #10 Massaman Curry, #6 Som Tam, #5 Pad Thai, #4 Tom Yum Goong.

PAYMENT– Payment is in cash (Thai Baht) or credit card (+3%), at the completion of your class.

GROUP & PRIVATE CLASSES– These are available anytime. Contact us for time frames, costs, and special scheduling.

A Certificate of Achievement is awarded upon request.

Regular Thai Cooking Classes, Vegetarian Thai Cooking Classes, and Private Cooking Classes are offered Monday-Saturday, twice daily at 8:45 & 1:00. All morning and afternoon classes include a Thai market tour.  All morning and afternoon classes meet at BTS Bang Chak (12 minutes from BTS Asoke), exit 5 at the end of the elevated walkway.  Market tour follows after meeting your instructor.

Note: Meals are prepared with minimal use of hot peppers. You, as the cook, can adjust the “heat” to your liking.

To contact us, please call: +66 2-020-6233 (School–English or Thai), +66 807-706-741 (English), or E-mail: