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Looking for a Thai chef?  We are located in Bangkok, the heart of Thai cuisine.  There is no better place for a Thai chef recruitment.  Our goal is to help restaurant and hotel owners connect with Thai chefs.  NOTE: We are also a professional Thai cooking school and sometimes restaurants choose to send us their cooks/chefs to learn Thai cooking.  This way, no visas, work permits, accommodations are necessary since we are training others from your country to cook like a Thai!  For more details on this program, please click HERE.

NOTE:  In addition to chef placement and consulting services, we also export Thai food ingredients to restaurants around the world.  To learn more, just click HERE.


From all over Thailand, we have contacts with numerous qualified English-speaking chefs.  Many have been overseas previously.  In addition, we operate our own Professional Chef training program, training chefs from Thailand and abroad.  We are not novices trying to place Thai chefs.  As a Thai cooking school for many years, WE KNOW THAI FOOD & WE KNOW THAI CHEFS!


Our recruiting services consist of the following:

  1.  Finding Qualified Chef Applicants–Using our contacts in the Thai culinary community and some of our graduating chef students, we can successfully locate chefs possessing the credentials you need.
  2. Evaluation–Our Chef Placement Specialist, Tanawan, gets to know every chef applicant so that we can better understand their motivations, desires, reasons for going overseas, and much more.  This, in turn, helps us to determine suitability and chances of success.
  3. Testing–All applicants are tested in Thai cooking skills, with special emphasis on authenticity and presentation.
  4. Placement–Once you make the decision to hire one of our chefs, the challenge becomes to get him to your business as soon as possible.  Effort is required by all involved to make this happen–on your end and on ours.
Cooking Test

Cooking Test

Cooking Test

Cooking Test

Cooking Test

Cooking Test


Before we can set up interviews for you, the first step is for you to complete our Thai Chef Placement Questionnaire.  After completing it, please return to us for our review.  We will then get back to you with our comments and suggestions.  Our Chef Placement Specialist will discuss your information with those chefs meeting your requirements.  For those interested in working for you in your country, we will send their resumes to you.  Once you tell us which ones interest you, we will proceed to setting up interviews.

Two Types of Interviews:

  1. Skype Interview–For those not wanting to travel to Bangkok, this approach works well.  You will have their resumes, and you will be able to meet them thanks to Skype.  Ask your questions; listen to their answers in English; become acquainted.
  2. Face-to-Face Interview in Bangkok–Tell us when you wish to come to Bangkok.  We will arrange to have the chefs at our school ready to meet you.  You can meet them, and we will administer cooking tests.  You meet them; we test them; you taste their cooking; you decide. 

Using either type of interview, for best results, we recommend giving us at least a week’s notice so that we can arrange for the chefs to meet you in person or by Skype at our school.  Most chefs have jobs, and some live in other parts of Thailand.  Time is needed to get them to our school in Bangkok.

NOTE:  We have used both methods of interview successfully.  It is really “up to you”.

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Chef Placement Fee–  $1,500 USD for the 1st chef hired, then only $1,300 for each additional chef,  broken down as follows:
A.  Interview & Testing Fee ($200)–For those coming to Bangkok and interviewing and testing Thai chefs at our school.  A good faith deposit for those serious about wanting us to find a qualified Thai chef for them.  Included in this fee are unlimited interviews and food testings at our chef school.  This is a one time charge and is paid at the Academy before the first food testing.  This fee is applied against our fee when a chef is hired.
B.  Hiring Fee ($800)–Paid once a Thai chef is hired.
C.  Boarding Fee ($500)–Paid prior to the Thai chef boards an airplane bound for your country.

NOTE:  We do NOT charge Thai chefs for our service.  Our only fee comes from the hiring restaurant/hotel.

NOTE:  It is difficult, if not impossible, to hire an English-speaking Thai chef from Thailand for less than 42,000 Baht/month (approx. $1,200 USD).

To discuss your specific needs and questions, please send an email to or call Ron at +66 807-706-741.  We can also be reached by Skype:  BangkokThaiCookingAcademy (Skype username, but by appointment only).

Our Chef Staff in Bangkok

Our Chef Staff in Bangkok

Our Chef Placement Specialists

Our Chef Placement Specialists

Taste Test

Taste Test

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Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy serves only as a middleman by assisting employers in finding suitable chefs and assisting chefs in finding suitable employment.  No guarantees, explicit or implicit, as to suitability, honesty, or security are provided by us.  Our service is as a middleman only and our involvement and responsibility ceases once the chef leaves Thailand.


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