Marlita S. (USA)
This is just a quick note to thank the staff/instructor of the Friday pm cooking class. I learned a lot in such a short amount of time. I was also glad that the class was hands on instead of demonstration only. Perhaps I was lucky today, but it was great only having three participants. Because of the small number of students there was more individualized attention.
As a science teacher of 150 high school students, I know the most important trait a teacher can have is patience. My instructor today was very patient, friendly, and kind. Unfortunately, I learned about the school near the end of my visit to Thailand instead of the beginning of my visit. If I return to Thailand, I will definitely take more classes at the cooking school.

Ying (Taiwan)
I decided to go to Bangkok to learn some Thai cooking. I found this school in Bangkok offering a 5 day Thai Chef course. On the first day we visited a Thai market. Here we learned all about Thai ingredients. For 5 days I learned lots of Thai foods and we even made our own curry pastes, coconut milk, and sticky rice. My instructor was a very good teacher and cook. The best part of each day was eating what I cooked! I loved BTCA and I loved my whole 2 weeks in Bangkok. Definitely recommended to anyone serious about learning Thai cooking.

Katherine R. (USA)
I would go back to Bangkok tomorrow if I could. BTCA arranged my whole trip, from the cooking classes to the tours, my personal tour guide and everything in between. I couldn’t have asked for a more accommodating trip! I was equally appreciative that the chefs adjusted the menus I was cooking over my six days of classes. I was able to cook some of the Thai “standards” while experiencing some new-to-me traditional Thai foods. The food was absolutely delicious and the chefs I had the pleasure of working with an absolute delight!!I was always greeted warmly and received excellent, thorough instruction that has enabled me to make the dishes I learned at home reasonably easily.
I would highly recommend this school to anyone interested in experiencing the grandeur of Thailand through its cuisine and culture! A fabulous experience!

PeViFr (Norway)
This was my best week ever in Bangkok—6 days of Thai cooking with my private teacher—25 dishes of great food: the Basic Thai Cooking course.
I will soon be back for a new week at the Academy!

Ivan S. (Bulgaria)
Hello everyone
I spend a great time for this month in the Academy, Great teacher—kru Nat with very good English. The organization was very nice, more than 80 Thai dishes plus traditional Thai desserts, plus one day at the market. Really a great experience.
Cooking was awesome. Thanks for everything.

Victoria & Harriet B. (Scotland)
My sister and I were on the Basic Thai Cooking course in August, 2014. We’re very basic cooks and loved the opportunity to learn. It was a great way to start our tour of Thailand, immersing us in the cultures and foods of the area and leaving us extremely full after the week. Our instructor was very helpful and we got on with her very well. We both are thankful for the opportunity the course gave us.

Pritjiga N. (Finland)
Thanks to you and the team! It was a great experience and useful for my professional career. I had such a wonderful time there, absolutely will be back again if I have next visit to BKK.

Irma C. (USA)
I came with no knowledge of Thai cooking, but after 7 weeks of cooking, I can now cook over 150 Thai dishes. I learned so much, ate so much, and had so much fun. Bangkok is a great place to learn Thai cooking.

Ravi A. (India)
My wife and I wanted to open a Thai restaurant. We had a private instructor to teach us the 40 items on our menu. Now my dream has becomes reality. Thanks so much to chef Nat, chef Ratch, and BTCA for their professional training.

Rachel R. (UK)
The captain of the private yacht I work on asked me to improve my Thai cooking. I chose BTCA because of their short culinary programs. In 4 weeks, I learned 100 professional Thai meals. My yacht owners are very happy, and I now can cook many Thai dishes for them.

Nick S. (Australia)
Great chefs, great teaching, great recipes, highly recommended++

Jason A. (USA)
Learning Thai cooking was a delicious way to have fun. Chefs were great, school was fun, classmates were fun-loving, Thai meals (lunch and dinner) prepared by me were amazing. Bangkok was incredible!

Ricardo R. (Philippines)
Cooking is my passion so I spent 2 weeks in Bangkok learning Thai cooking. At BTCA I took their Professional Thai Chef course and learned a lot of recipes. My instructor, chef Nat, was so knowledgeable and helpful. Accommodations were very close and reasonably priced . Visiting Klong Toey market was amazing—an incredibly huge market with every kind of food imaginable. Such memories and Bangkok is such a great place to visit. Can’t wait to return for 2 more weeks of Thai cooking.

Karen B. (UK)
Hey Ron, all done, enjoyed the 4 weeks of chef training very much and couldn’t think of anything to complain about even if I tried! Ta was excellent (she’s a keeper) as was Chef Nut, as was everyone else so thank you very much and I’ll be sure to put a glowing (and of course very detailed – it is ME after all) report on Trip Advisor for you all

Jane L.(Netherlands)
I had a really great time at the cooking school. First going to the market,what was a new and great experience!! so many fresh things there!!!! you can sniff the vitamins! Then we go in for class!!! our instructor was really the best!!! he asked the names of all the ingredients to look what we already knew, and learned us all the names we didn’t know! he explained the recipes and how to do it best!! Then start cooking……chopping…..wokking…etc we even made our own curry paste, and wow it smells sssoooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was all fun and at the end it tasted sooooooo goood!!!!!!!!!!! wow I did this, I made this delicious food!!! with the help of the greatest instructor!! But I am good So everybody who is looking for the greatest cooking class in bangkok…. you got to go to this one!!!!!! it was fun fun fun and I learned a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “

Scott T. (Australia)
The Bangkok Thai Cooking was a great place to learn how to cook. The menu is very comprehensive and of course you get to eat all your yummy thai creations. I’d like to say that my Phad Thai was so much better than a lot of those from Thai restaurants at home. (not that I’m biased though)
Ja was such a fun teacher. He certainly wanted to make sure that I was understanding everything along the way. In fact I was impressed by his motivation to ensure I had the knowledge and confidence to be able to replicate my cooking when back at home.
I really enjoyed the supermarket and market tour – it gave me a better understanding of the basics of thai food.
I would have no hesitation in recommending the Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy.

Claire W. (England)
We thoroughly enjoyed our Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy experience. We found the booking procedure so quick and simple. We booked using the online form and received confirmation very quickly. We were greeted on the day at the Asoke BTS station by our very friendly teacher. He showed us around the nearby market taking time to question us and show us the products we would be using on the course. He quickly assessed that my husband was the more experienced of the two of us and quickly adapted his style accordingly. The teacher was excellent, each step was clearly explained and very interactive. He modelled what to do and carefully explained to the less experienced how to chop and prepare the ingredients but at the same time allowed my husband more freedom. The food was delicious and ample time was given for tasting!! The handouts given at the end of the lesson will allow us to make the dishes again which we certainly will! What a great morning and we’re certainly looking forward to trying a different menu!

Steven M. (USA)
I found out about this school from TikTokThai.com, which was offering a deal that I could not pass up. For the price I was paying I was not expecting much. Huge mistake. I had a great time. We meet the teacher near the Asok BTS station, went to the market to get the ingredients, then went to the school. In the classes we ended up making 2 main dishes and 1 dessert (all super delicious). The bottom line with this school is this…the teacher is awesome, the food you make is great, and the price is very fair. I would highly recommend cooking school if you are interested in learning to cook Thai food.
Thanks for everything.

Warwick S. (Australia)
HI Ron, Just wanted to thank you and your team for a great time, I am sorry I forgot the chefs name, Maddy and I had a lot of fun, the food was great and everyone made us very welcome. Maddy even commented that it was like going to a friend’s house for a visit. I will certainly come back next time I am in Bangkok and will spread the good word to all my Bangkok bound friends,
Once again thank you very much

Jack G. (USA)
I just wanted to say that I had a great time learning how to cook with a wok, making a curry paste and coconut milk. JA, the instructor, was so amusing and such a great teacher. The meals were fun to prepare and even more fun to eat. The was price was affordable, and the school was easy to find. Loved going to the market. I will be back for more classes.

Leslie G. (England)
“My friend and I had so much fun learning how to cook Thai food at the Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy! It was
excellent because the instructor does not chop everything for you beforehand – you must learn how to properly
slice and dice ingredients and pound them all together to make a delicious green curry paste. My only regret is that I didn’t
bring a takeaway container because we made so much food I couldn’t eat it all!”

Catherine P. (Australia)
A fun cooking experience in a home-style atmosphere. The teacher was really great and made sure that we
understood how to do every step he showed us. Best of all we got to enjoy a feast at the end.
Will keep you in mind for any future activities.

Karen L. (Singapore)
My friend, Yin and I attended a cooking class on 16 February, 2011 and enjoyed
it tremendously. We had been to one previously in Chiang Mai and although that class
was good, there were 15 of us so it was quite crowded. At Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy, the class is a lot smaller
so we had more attention from the teacher. Ja is fantastic, full of enthusiasm
and besides teaching us the dishes of the day, he gave us lots of tips on cooking delicious Thai food.
Many, many thanks Ja for such an enjoyable day and we will definitely be back the next time we are in Bangkok 🙂

Gaby C. (Australia)
I would like to say how much I enjoyed my cooking class with Ja in early February 2011. I have attended a few classes
in the past but I must say that this was the best one I have ever attended. The most enjoyable; thorough and
best value for money. I couldn’t believe the food that I cooked that morning tasted so good compared to what I have tried back home in Australia! I will definitely be coming back for more and bring my husband with me this time.

Theresa B. (USA)
I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed cooking class this past week. I
can’t remember if I told you that I made Tom Yom soup for my husband and it was
wonderful. Thanks to Nat! I’ve learned a lot and both Nat and Noi (sp?) are
great – a lot of fun. I will be back on Monday and Thursday afternoons and I’ll
let you know when Kurt and I will be there for the Saturday classes.
I’m so glad I found you guys and have put your name in at the concierge desk here at
the Marriott.
Thanks again!

Chuck S. (Philippines)
I just wanted to say that I had a great time learning how to cook Thai and
making the five different curry paste dishes. JA, the instructor, was so
amusing and such a great teacher. He would not even give me a break when I had a
hangover one day just like my GF. He was a great instructor and nice person.
The meals were fun to prepare and even more fun to eat. The price was
affordable, and the school was well worth the money and experience. I will be
back to take your two new classes my next visit to Bangkok. I would recommend the courses to anyone who
wants to learn how to prepare Thai meals with no hesitation.

Tania D. (Australia)
Hi Ron, cooking course was awesome – thought it would be good and it was even
better than we thought. Would have loved to do another one if we were there
longer but only stayed in bangkok for 3 days. The photos are
great too, we will email you the ones we took when we get back to Australia in June.
Thanks again

Yammie M. (Hong Kong)
Hi, Ron:
Thank you for your
nice photos ! It really brings me back to your Thai Cooking Academy after
seeing those photos. Frankly speaking,
I successfully cooked some Thai food to my family this week. They quite
appreciate what I cooked ^_* And, I highly
recommend my colleagues and friends to join your Cooking Academy if they visit
Bangkok in the future. Hope to see you
next time when I go to Bangkok >.<!!! Finally, could you
please convey our grateful thanks to Net.

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