This private chef training course with Chef Dao as one of its instructors is especially designed for those desiring intensive one-on-one training with a Thai chef-trainer. 

Ask as many questions as you like, cook lots, work hard, learn the basics and learn advanced Thai culinary skills.  Study and cook for as many weeks as you wish, covering 7 professional dishes daily.  Instead of being in a group of students, this is your chance to select just what you want to learn–just you and your chef-trainer.

NOTE:  The chef-trainer will first demonstrate each dish before you are expected to duplicate the recipe, AND then after your dish is prepared check for authenticity and offer suggestions for improvement.

Ideal for those

  • Having a limited time to learn
  • Knowing exactly what dishes they want to learn
  • Wanting the flexibility of what to learn next
  • Desiring private one-on-one training
  • Needing training of their overseas restaurant kitchen staff (cooks & chefs)

PRIVATE CHEF TRAINING COURSE—5 days/week of intensive Thai cooking, basic & advanced cooking and presentation with your own Thai chef-trainer, AND you select the dishes to learn:

Summary of what you will learn:

  • Learn Thai ingredients
  • Learn authentic aromas & flavors
  • Learn professional presentation of dishes
  • Master use of Thai cookware
  • Select 7 professional dishes/day to master
Summary of Course Details:
  • Tuition:  55,000 Baht (approx $1,575 USD)/week, deposit required upon confirmation of date desired, balance due first day of class in cash (Thai Baht) or credit card (+3%).  Additional students @ 30,000 Baht/week.
  • Deposit:  Required to guarantee your private class and assign a chef trainer
  • Course start day:  Usually Monday
  • Duration:  You select the number of weeks to study
  • Days & times:  Monday-Friday, 9:30 – onwards until all scheduled dishes are completed
  • # of dishes taught: 7 daily
  • Recipes:  Provided in English for all dishes, curry pastes, sauces & dips,…
  • Instruction: In English 
  • Diploma: A school diploma is awarded upon completion of minimum of 5 days of training
  • Class size:  Private, one-on-one training
  • Language:  English (but translators are available)
  • Method of Deposit Payment:  Paid by Paypal, any major credit card, bank wire transfer, cash, or by ATM transfer if within Thailand
  • Accommodations:  Favorable accommodation rates have been aranged for our students, or you can arrange for nicer rooms in several 2 to 4 star hotels.  Just click HERE to see some choices. 



NOTE: All USD prices quoted are subject to change based on daily fluctuations in exchange rates.

Questions:  please click HERE or send an email to with your comments, and we will reply shortly.  You may also call us at: +66 819-154-919 (English or Thai).

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PROFESSIONAL PRIVATE VEGETARIAN THAI COOKING COURSE— in 5 days of intensive training, learn 32 of the most popular Thai dishes along with learning how to make tofu, soy milk, 3 curry pastes, and 8 sauces/dips.  Emphasis is placed on maintaining authentic flavors and appearance.  Available for both vegetarians, vegans, and those chefs/cooks working in restaurants with vegetarian customers.


To see the schedule of dishes taught, please click HERE


Course Details (5  work days):

  • Course start day:  Monday-Friday
  • Days & times:  Monday-Friday, 9:30 – onwards until all assigned dishes are completed
  • # of dishes taught: 7 daily
  • Recipes:  Provided in English for all dishes, curry pastes, sauces & dips
  • Instruction: In English (except for Thai students)
  • Diplomas: Awarded upon completion of each course
  • Class size:  One-on-one, private
  • Deposit: Required to guarantee your seat (25%)


1 WEEK–$1,575 USD (55,000 Baht)


Personal Thai Vegetarian Cooking Diploma is awarded upon satisfactory completion of 1 week.


We are located at 1979/13 Soi 75/1, Sukhumvit, near BTS On Nut.  Please send email to or call +66 819-154-919 (Khun Tanawan).