“Vegetarian and Authentic Tasting”


Chef Dao Vegetarian Chef

Chef Dao
Professional Vegetarian Chef


Chef Dao teaches authentic tasting Thai dishes, whether prepared in a normal or vegetarian manner. This is our goal when teaching you how to cook professional Thai dishes. Authentic means authentic in both flavor and appearance.


Study with Chef Dao in our professional culinary school for 5 intensive days, Monday-Friday, and learn the basics of Thai vegetarian cooking.  This is an intensive course.  Learn how to prepare 32 of the most popular dishes, 3 curry pastes, 8 dips and sauces, along with how to make tofu and soy milk.  Come prepared to cook, cook, and cook.  Available for both vegetarians, vegans, and those chefs/cooks working in restaurants with vegetarian customers.

Course Overview:

  • Course start day:  Monday-Friday
  • Days & times:  Monday-Friday, 9:30 – onwards until all assigned dishes are completed
  • # of dishes taught: 7 daily
  • Recipes:  Provided for all dishes, curry pastes, sauces & dips
  • Instruction: In English (except for Thai students)
  • Diploma: Awarded upon completion of the course
  • Class size:  One-on-one, private
  • Deposit: Required to guarantee your seat (25%), paid by major credit card or bank wire transfer


1 WEEK–55,000 Baht (approx $1,575 USD)

CURRENCY CONVERTER:  To convert from Thai Baht to your currency, click HERE.


A Personal Thai Vegetarian Cooking Diploma is awarded upon satisfactory completion of 1 week

Course Details (5 work days):

  • Learn about Thai ingredients and fresh market tour (first morning)
  • Learn about woks, fryers, cooking utensils and ingredients preparation
  • Learn how to make tofu (firm and soft)
  • Learn how to make soy milk
  • Learn 32 of the most popular Thai dishes
  • Learn how to prepare 8 vegetarian dips & sauces
  • Learn how to prepare from scratch 3 vegetarian Thai curry pastes



  • Market tour
  • Make soy milk
  • Make tofu
  • Spicy soy protein salad (Laab Protein Kaset)
  • Sweet corn fritters with sweet cucumber dip (prepare) (Tord Man Khao Pode)
  • Tofu with mixed vegetables in 3 flavor sauce (prepare) (Tao Hu Pak Ruam Sam Rod)
  • Deep fried mushrooms in tamarind sauce (prepare) (Hed Tord Sot Makham)


  • Fresh spring rolls with spicy chili dipping sauce (prepare) (Por Pia Sot)
  • Hot & sour mushroom soup (Tom Yum J)
  • Pineapple fried rice (Khao Pad Sapparot)
  • Pomelo salad (Yam Som-O)
  • Papaya salad (Som Tam Thai)
  • Stir fried tofu with cashew nuts (Tao Hu Pad Med Ma-Muang)
  • Tofu with chili paste (prepare) (Tao Hu Pad Prik Pao)


  • Green curry with young coconut & vegetables (prepare paste) (Gaeng Kheao Wan Yod Ma Pao)
  • Fried spring rolls with plum sauce (prepare) (Por Pia Tord)
  • Spicy salad with fried egg (Yum Kai Dao)
  • Glass noodle salad (Yam Wun Sen)
  • Glass noodles stir fried with eggs & vegetables (Pad Wun Sen)
  • Black pepper mushrooms (Hed Pad Prik Thai Dum)
  • Stir fried mushrooms with spicy basil (Hed Pad Kra Pao)


  • Red curry with pineapple & tofu (prepare paste) (Gaeng Ped Tao Hu Sapparod)
  • Mushrooms in coconut milk (Tom Kha Hed)
  • Lemongrass salad (Yam Ta Kri)
  • Satay tofu with peanut sauce (prepare) (Satay Tofu)
  • Fried sweet noodles (Pad See Ew Kai)
  • Yellow curry tofu with vegetables (Tao Hu Pad Pong Kari)
  • Tofu with ginger (Tao Hu Pad Khing)


  • Panang curry with mixed vegetables (prepare) (Panang Pak Ruam)
  • Hot & sour clear soup (Tom Sap)
  • Mushroom salad (Yam Hed)
  • Deep fried battered morning glories with sweet & sour dip (prepare) (Pak Bung Tod Grob)
  • Thai style fried rice noodles (Pad Thai)
  • Sweet & sour mushrooms and vegetables (Pad Preaw Wan Pak Ruam)
  • Stir fried eggplant with soy protein and basil (Pad Ma Kua Yao)

NOTE:  The above dishes can be taught either vegetarian or vegan.  Just let us know your preference.  Use of spicy peppers is optional.

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Stir Fried Morning Glories

Stir Fried Morning Glories

Fried Spring Rolls

Fried Spring Rolls

Som Tam

Som Tam







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