Our Chefs

Chef Chayanat (Nat) Boonmeerod, Head Chef Instructor

We are pleased and proud to have Kru (teacher) Nat as our Chef Instructor!

Chef Nat grew up in a small village on the banks of the Tha-Jeen river, just a short ways northwest of Bangkok.  He acquired his love of cooking by helping his aunt Cha-Loy in the family kitchen.  When he was young, she would send him out daily to fetch young tamarind leaves, coconuts, shrimp, fresh fruits, herbs & vegetables.  Together, they would prepare various curry pastes, soups, and other traditional Thai meals.  They did this together for many years.

After graduating from Srinakharinwirot University with a degree in Business Education, he realized his real love was Thai cooking.  He thereupon enrolled in the intensive one year Traditional Thai Cuisine program of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Program (OHAP).  Upon graduation, he was recognized as their outstanding student.

Chef Nat has over 14 years of experience in both teaching traditional Thai culinary arts, fruit & vegetable carving, and as the head chef of several Thai restaurants in overseas countries.  His experience speaks for itself.


  1. Srinakharinwirot University, B.A. in Business Education
  2. Mandarin Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Program (OHAP), intensive one year Traditional Thai Cuisine program


  1.  Wandee Culinary School—Thai cooking and carving instructor, 4 years.  Primarily taught foreigners who wanted to open Thai restaurants overseas and taught Thai nationals cooking skills in order to obtain overseas cooking positions.
  2. Sumita Culture Center—Thai cooking and fruit, vegetable & soap carving instructor, part time, almost 10 years
  3. Hand Craft Training Center—Vocational instructor, fruit and vegetable carving, 4 months
  4. Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy—Teacher of chef cooking classes and fruit & vegetable carving, April 2011-April 2013
  5. Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy– Teacher of chef cooking classes and fruit & vegetable carving, August 2014-present


  1. Beijing, China—Head Chef, Phrik Thai Restaurant (Holiday Inn Lido), staff of 20, cooked for Royal Thai family members on visits to Beijing, 2 ½ years
  2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia—Head Chef, Siam 62 Thai Restaurant, 2 ½ years
  3. Singapore–Head Chef, My Thai Restaurant, 6 months

Chef Tahsanee Tahsanavitoonkrit

Chef Tahsanee

Chef Tahsanee



To know Chef Tahsanee is to like her.  Her passion for teaching Thai cooking is evident in her smile and enthusiasm.  Her students love her patience and how she makes it all look so easy.  We are thankful to have Chef Tahsanee.

Chef Tahsanee is much more than a teacher.  She is a teacher with over 20 years of practical experience in Thai kitchens as a commis chef, chef de partie, sous chef, and chef de cuisine.  And she has worked in restaurants and hotels all over the world.  Yes, we are very happy and lucky to have her as one of our chef instructors.


Chef Piyarat (Guitar) Ruangsang

Chef Guitar

Chef Guitar

Chef Guitar is our private chef instructor as well as our street food specialist.  If anyone knows how to cook it, for sure it will be Chef Guitar.  On weekends she operates her own street food restaurant.  She is well-educated and can cook anything and everything–Royal Thai Cuisine, boat noodles, moo kata, street foods, authentic Thai dishes, and even fruit carving.  Our students always love taking class with Chef Guitar.  You will too–just give her a try!



Education & Culinary Training:
1.  Silpakorn University, B.A. in Anthropology
2.  Chulalongkorn University, M.A. in Developmental Psychology
3.  Royal Traditional Thai Craft School for Women, intensive one year training in Royal Thai Cuisine

Teaching Experience:
Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy–instructor of private chef classes, street food classes, and fruit carving since 2014.


Chef Laoongdao (Dao) Chanawong


Chef Dao

Chef Dao






Laoongdao, better known as Dao, is our smiling Thai cooking instructor in Bangkok.  Behind this smile, however, is a Thai lady who can really cook.  Quite often her students make the same comment:  What they cook in her class is usually the best Thai food they’ve ever eaten!  Chef Dao specializes in teaching our private classes and is our resident Master Fruit Carving instructor.  We invite you to take a class or two with Chef Dao and enjoy some great Thai dishes.  And, if you want to learn something fun and challenging, let her teach you another one of her specialties:  Thai fruit & vegetable carving.  One thing for sure—whatever you learn from her, you will enjoy her class—GUARANTEED!!


  1. Sisaket Business Administration College, degree in Accounting
  2. Dusit Thani Culinary College, completed Professional Thai Cooking Programme
  3. Dusit Thani Government Occupational Testing Certification, passed 2 day testing in cooking theory, practical skills, and fruit carving. 
  4. Hua Hin Thai Cooking Academy—Thai cooking and fruit carving instructor, 2014-2016
  5. Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy–Thai cooking and fruit carving instructor, 2016-present




Chef Ratchaneekorn (Ratch) Sessatid









Chef Ratchaneekorn, better know as Ratch, is known for her patience and easy-going style of teaching Thai cooking.  She is always calm, but her knowledge of Thai culinary arts never ceases to amaze us.  Seems like she can teach anything and everything!!


1.  Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University, B.A. in Communication Arts

2.  Cornell Institute of Business & Technology, Diploma in Professional Cookery, Auckland, NZ


Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy–Teacher of chef cooking classes, 1 Nov 2013-present


Auckland, NZ–chef at Ayutthaya Halal Thai Food restaurant, 2 years



Chef Kingtian (King) Jantaraniyom

Kingtian photo - Copy










Chef King has a true passion for cooking, and it shows in her teaching style and food taste.  She is a truly gifted chef with years of experience teaching in English and Chinese.  Her belief is that food can both nourish the body and please the palate, all while having fun.  Her understanding of nutrition, Thai cooking and fruit carving are second to none.  Her students rave about her knowledge and friendly nature, and we are sure you will also.  Come to the beautiful island of Phuket and experience the amazing sights from our hillside classroom while learning from the best.

1.  Prince of Songkla University, Phuket, B.A. in Chinese Studies
2.  Mandarin Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Program (OHAP), intensive one year Traditional Thai Cuisine program

1.  Singapore–Sous chef at Elsie’s Kitchen, 1 year
2.  Thailand–Head Chef at Thaksin Vocation Club, 3 years
3.  Phuket Thai Cooking Academy–Head Instructor for Thai cooking and fruit carving, August 2015-present