thai fast food Looking to start your own Thai restaurant?  We can help.  Over the years, we’ve had many entrepreneurs ask for our help.  Because of this demand for Thai restaurants worldwide, we have developed our own unique approach to serving Thai cuisine–FAST FOOD THAI, but with a unique twist.Fast food is nothing new.  It is being served by many very successfully–hamburgers, chicken, pizzas, sub sandwiches, etc.  And the reasons for success are many–convenience for people on-the-go and affordable for all.  In addition, fast food is profitable because of lower space requirements and higher sales volume.  But how many fast food Thai restaurants have you seen?Well, things are about to change.  Join us in bringing delicious Thai dishes to the masses.  We’ve developed a menu, recipes, and a technique for serving speedy Thai dishes to everyone.  Our approach is simple, effective, and popular for the following reasons:

1. NEVER BORING–With our 4 step process, patrons can literally create hundreds of dishes. Everytime they come to your restaurant, they can create a different meal. This is what really separates us from other Thai restaurants. To build a dish, customers do the following:


  • A.  Select a base of either noodles or rice
  • B.  Select a Thai curry paste or sauce
  • C.  Select a meat or tofu
  • D.  Select the fresh veggies.

Choices, choices, choices…customers love “having it their way.”  Your customers will come back for more if you just follow our plan!

2.  FAST–Once your patron selects his ingredients, the dish is prepared by the chef while the customer watches.  In a matter of a minute, the meal is prepared and ready for sit down or take out.

3.  HEALTHY–All cooking is done in a clean open kitchen where your customers can see how it is prepared.  Secondly, all ingredients are fresh and displayed in full view of the patron.  Minimal oil is used and no MSG.  Cooking in a wok is fast and very hot, thereby sealing in the nutrients and flavor.

4.  AUTHENTIC–All our dishes are prepared using authentic Thai recipes.  Combined with fresh ingredients and delicious Thai curry pastes and sauces, authenticity is assured.

This is NOT a franchise.  Our package is available to all who wish to use our consulting and training services.  To get you up and running successfully, we offer our services as follows:


  • Kitchen layout (design)
  • Equipment list
  • Assistance with installation and getting kitchen operational


  • Ingredients lists
  • Recipes
  • Ingredients costing
  • Pricing of dishes
  • Menu layout


  • Finding you a Thai chef in Bangkok OR
  • Training your chef on-site


  • Our traveling consulting Thai chef will be with you for 8 weeks, starting 4 weeks before opening and ending 4 weeks after opening.
  • On-site training of your cooking staff in preparation of all dishes, curry pastes, sauces,…
  • Additional training in Thai culinary arts available at our school in Bangkok at a 20% discount off of our posted website prices.
  • Advice regarding site selection and overall building size

We can provide the full spectrum of services to you in order to help get you trained and operating, OR you can select which services you want from us.  Here are your choices and the related charges:

1.   FULL PACKAGE–from start to finish, from kitchen design to four weeks after opening, including the following:
A.  Kitchen–design, equipment selection, and installation
B.  Menu–dish selection, layout, recipes, ingredients acquisition, ingredients costing, dish pricing
C.  Staffing–finding a qualified English-speaking Thai chef for you in Bangkok OR training your chef in Bangkok at our school (up to 4 weeks)
D.  Consulting–our traveling Thai chef will be with you for 4 weeks (kitchen installation, recipes testing, training of cooks, ingredients acquisition, etc)
PRICE:  $9,000 USD

2.  INDIVIDUAL SERVICES–If you feel confident in some of your business and culinary skills, we will be glad to help you on a piecemeal basis.  Charges for our individual services are as follows:
A.  Kitchen–design, equipment selection, and installation (including our chef for 1 week)…$3,500 USD
B.  Menu–dish selection, menu layout, recipes…$2,000 USD
C.  Staffing
1.  Finding an English-speaking Thai chef for you in Bangkok….$1,500 USD OR
2.  Train your chef in Bangkok for 2-4 weeks….$1,500-3,000 USD
D.  Chef Consulting
1.  Our traveling chef will work with you for 4 weeks on-site…$3,000 USD OR
2.  He can come on a weekly basis for $1,000 USD (with a 2 week minimum)

Additional costs:  Out-of-pocket costs such as round trip airline tickets, accommodations, visas, taxis, and meals when incurred on your behalf are reimbursable to the school.

We are here in Bangkok ready to help you become a successful Thai fast food restaurant entrepreneur.  Get in on the ground floor of FAST FOOD THAI now.

For more information about this concept, related costs, menu, and floor space requirements, please send an email to Ron@BangkokThaiCookingAcademy.com or click HERE.