Thai Restaurant Consulting


We are in Bangkok, the capital of Thai culinary cooking and the home of world-renowned Thai dishes.  Who would know Thai cooking better than us, and where would you go to properly learn Thai cooking?  We are a Thai cooking school (  In addition to teaching tourists and aspiring chefs Thai culinary cooking skills, we also teach Thai fruit & vegetable carving.  Having over 30 years of experience in operating Thai and Western restaurants, we offer our assistance to you.

NOTE:  In addition to chef placement and consulting services, we also export Thai food ingredients to restaurants around the world.  To learn more, just click HERE.



Yes, I know—you need a Thai chef OR someone who can cook like a Thai chef.  You know that you can find a Thai chef in Thailand, but how do you do this?  You can locate some chefs via the internet and/or with headhunters, and then you can hop on an airplane and come to Bangkok.  You won’t be the first to do this.  Hopefully, you will be happy with your applicant, and hopefully he can cook, supervise, and communicate as needed–hopefully.  Of course, once you have hired him, you will have to contend with visas, accommodations, vacations, homesickness, cultural differences, airline tickets, etc.  Will he work well in your kitchen, and will he stay (can you keep him happy)?

Alternatively, you can send a cook or chef from your country to us for some intensive Thai culinary training.  Tell us the dishes he needs to learn, and we will teach him the ins and outs of Thai cooking and every dish on your menu as well as the proper use of Thai cooking utensils, selection of ingredients (and substitutes), proper presentation, and, of course, correct flavors, aroma, and appearance of Thai dishes.  In class, we will demonstrate to him each and every dish, and then he will prepare these dishes on his own (until perfect).

OUR USUAL TRAINING PROGRAM( 4 weeks covering 80 dishes):
WEEKS 1 & 2 (Class Time)–
In-class training covering up to 80 dishes from your menu plus training in Thai ingredients, woks, steamers, etc.
AM Session–
Our instructor explains and demonstrates each dish
PM Session–
Your chef applies what he learned and our instructor tastes and critiques what your chef prepared.
WEEKS 3 & 4 (Independent Study)–
Your chef is on his own at the school.  He will spend the week buying ingredients for each dish and actually preparing them until he duplicates each one properly.  Our instructor will be available for questions and critique.
Over a period of 4 weeks, your chef should master up to 80 Thai dishes plus be able to identify and select Thai ingredients and substitute ingredients and be able to use Thai cooking utensils.  He will leave Bangkok with recipes and a working knowledge of Thai aromas, flavors, and proper presentation.

Tuition: 100,000 Baht for 4 weeks of training (includes a 4,000 Baht ingredients allowance)
Start Date: 
Usually on a Monday
# of Students:  Typically one-on-one training
Diploma:  A Thai Culinary Chef Diploma is awarded upon satisfactory completion of the program.
Accommodations: Special rates are available for our school students from several 2 to 4 star hotels.  Upon request, we will provide details.


NOTE:  This course can be longer or shorter depending on how many dishes you wish to learn.  Of course, tuition will vary depending on length of course desired. This course can be customized to work for you.

NOTE:  To see our various Professional Chef courses, please click HERE.



Let us help you find a qualified English-speaking Thai chef.  This is challenging, but certainly not impossible.  We have contacts in the local culinary community, and we have some of our own current and previous students.  We can screen applicants for Thai cooking abilities and English-speaking skills.  We even arrange Skype interviews with qualified applicants.  These skills are necessary to be successful in a far-off land.  This is no easy task as there are many Thai chefs here, but most have limited English-speaking skills.  To learn more, click HERE.


Our vast experience in opening and operating restaurants is available to you.  We get many students (entrepreneurs) who want to learn how to cook Thai so that they can open their own Thai restaurant–not a problem.  We can help here.  From kitchen layout to menu layout, from Thai dishes to recipes, and from local cooks to Thai chefs, we can help you get your Thai restaurant open successfully.  We can even send one of our Thai chefs to you–to prepare your menu, provide proven recipes, locate appropriate (or substitute) ingredients, AND train your cooking staff to prepare great tasting Thai dishes.  Maybe you already have a cook, but you want to improve his skills.  Maybe he isn’t a Thai chef, and you want us to teach him Thai cooking.  Maybe it is easier to teach “one of your own” than to hire from Thailand?  We can help you here too.  Maybe you aren’t sure what type of Thai restaurant to open?  If so, take a look at our Fast Food Thai package–just click HERE to see.


Thai cuisine is one of the most popular dishes in the world.  Not just is Thai food delicious, but it is also noted for being healthy.  No wonder many restaurants are flocking to serving this cuisine.  Before converting to this cuisine, a certain amount of homework is necessary, such as:  changing your kitchen layout, finding the availability of Thai ingredients, selecting Thai dishes, obtaining good recipes, designing a menu, and obtaining qualified cooks/chefs.  We can help you with these projects.


Not happy with your restaurant, business not good, competition getting the best of you, too many complaints from patrons?  Maybe it is time for a “tune up”—basically, a review of your restaurant from operations to appearance, menu and dishes, recipes and ingredients, proper cooking and presentation,…  All the details are important to a successful restaurant operation with repeat customers.  A review by an objective third party is always a smart place to start.  We can help you here, and we can make recommendations.

Authentic Thai cooking is our specialty.  In Bangkok, we offer chef courses to aspiring cooks and business owners.  Our extensive and professional recipes cover the most popular dishes—Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong, Tom Kha Gai, Massaman Chicken, Panang Chicken, Green Curry,…plus many others just as delicious but less well-known.  We teach the authentic art of making curry pastes in mortar & pestle—green, red, yellow, panang, massaman,…  Of course, we can teach you how to prepare these curry pastes with modern-day food processors too.

Being in Bangkok, we have access to fresh ingredients–herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits, peppers, coconuts, rice, seafood,… you get the picture, right?  We know that it isn’t so easy to obtain some of these ingredients in other parts of the world.  We can also teach you how to use substitute foods to create a similar taste.   When this can be done, you SAVE money.



We can provide the full spectrum of services to you in order to help get you trained and operating, OR you can select which services you want from us.  Here are your choices:

1.   FULL PACKAGE–from start to finish, from kitchen design to four weeks after opening, including the following:
A.  Kitchen–design, equipment selection, and installation
B.  Menu–dish selection, layout, recipes, ingredients acquisition, ingredients costing, dish pricing
C.  Staffing–finding a qualified English-speaking Thai chef for you in Bangkok OR training your chef in Bangkok at our school (up to 4 weeks)
D.  Consulting–our traveling Thai chef will be with you for 3 weeks (kitchen installation, recipes testing, training of cooks, ingredients acquisition, etc)

2.  INDIVIDUAL SERVICES–If you feel confident in some of your business and culinary skills, we will be glad to help you on a piecemeal basis.  Charges for our individual services are as follows:
A.  Kitchen–design, equipment selection, and installation (including our chef for 1 week)…
B.  Menu–dish selection, basic menu layout, recipes…
C.  Staffing
1.  Finding an English-speaking Thai chef for you in Bangkok….
2.  Train your chef in Bangkok for 2-4 weeks….
D.  Chef Consulting
1.  Our traveling chef will work with you for 3 weeks on-site…
2.  He can come on a weekly basis (with a 2 week minimum)

Additional costs:  Out-of-pocket costs such as round trip airline tickets, accommodations, visas, taxis, and meals when incurred on your behalf are reimbursable to the school.
NOTE:  Typically, a 50% deposit is required in advance before we perform our services.  Balance is due prior to, or upon. completion of agreed task.



  • Selection of quality, fresh and flavorful ingredients
  • Selection of ingredient substitutes, when practical
  • Acquisition of difficult-to-get ingredients
  • Consistent prepping of ingredients to be cooked
  • Use of coconuts and making of coconut milk and cream
  • Knowledge of Thai fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, curries, pastes,…
  • Preparation of numerous curry pastes, including panang, green, yellow, red, massaman, jungle, khao soy,…
  • Types of rice—steamed and sticky
  • Preparation of sauces, dips, and pastes
  • Types of Thai noodles and substitutes
  • Uses of peppers
  • Use of cooking equipment such as Thai woks, steamers, deep fryers, gas burners as well as various cooking utensils
  • Use of recipes and adjusting for quantity of dishes being served
  • Cooking of numerous Thai dishes as selected by you—soups, curries, salads, appetizers, stir-fries, deep frying, steaming, noodles, desserts,…–you pick it here.
  • Use of sauces, dips, pastes, curries, coconut milk, peppers, limes,…
  • Importance of Thai fruit & vegetable carving
  • Training in Thai fruit & vegetable caring
  • Achieving consistency in appearance and taste
  • Use of tableware to improve dish presentation


  • Food costing
  • Dish pricing
  • Use of ingredient substitutions when feasible
  • Recipe adjustments and use of less costly ingredients
  • Training of cooks to minimize waste
  • Training your chef to be a food and kitchen manager in order to increase your profits


  • Dish selection—soups, salads, appetizers, entrees, desserts, …
  • Pricing of dishes
  • Training in use of recipes
  • Menu design, terminology, appearance


  • Training of your cooks and chef at our Academy in Bangkok
  • Training of your cooks and chef at YOUR restaurant


  • Assistance in locating and hiring an English-speaking Thai chef from Bangkok
  • Interviewing and testing of your chef applicants
  • Arranging Skype interviews with qualified applicants


There are 150 hotels and hostels in our area.  We have special deals with several nearby hotels/hostels.

These are the major services for which we perform assistance.  Others are also available.  We are here in Bangkok waiting to hear from you.  To contact us, just E-MAIL US or send an email to:  We can also be reached by Skype: Bangkokthaicookingacademy (by appointment only).