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    > NOTE: Each additional student can choose his own dishes (in Comments box below)

    > Choose one dish (PREPARE CURRY PASTE + CHICKEN DISH):

    green curry with chickenRed-Curry-ChickenYellow-Curry-Chicken

    Green curryRed curryYellow curry

    Panang curry with chickenMassaman-ChickenKhao Soy Chicken

    Panang curryMassaman curryKhao Soy

    > Choose one dish (SOUP & SALAD):

    Tom-Yum-GoongTom-Ka-GaiSom Tam

    Tom Yum GoongTom Kha GaiSom Tam

    Laab Gai

    Laab Gai

    > Choose one dish (APPETIZER, RICE & NOODLES):

    Pad-ThaiPineapple-Fried-RicePad See Ew

    Pad ThaiPineapple Fried RicePad See Ew


    Chicken Satay

    > Choose one dish (STIR FRY):

    Chicken-with-CashewsBlack-Pepper-Beefchicken with basil leaf

    Chicken with CashewsBlack Pepper BeefMinced Chicken with Spicy Basil

    stir fried morning glory

    Stir Fried Morning Glories

    > Complimentary Dessert + Thai Fruit (Surprise):

    Mango with sticky riceDeep fried bananaBanana in coconut milk

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    To reach us, call our office at: +66 819-154-919 (English and Thai)

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