In order for us to find you an English-speaking Thai chef, we need your help. Please complete the following questionnaire and return to  This information will be shared with Thai chef applicants seeking overseas work.

NOTE:  Our charge to the employer for chef placement is $2,000 USD for the first chef hired and then $1,500 USD for each additional chef hired.  Thai chefs pay us nothing for our assistance in helping them find employment overseas.

Your name and surname: Mr./Mrs./Miss____________________________________

Name of restaurant or company: ___________________________________________

Address of restaurant:

Street _____________________________________________________________________

Street _____________________________________________________________________

Town/city ______________________________ Postal code _______________

Country ____________________________

Contact details:

Telephone number (incl. country dialing code):

Work/office _______________________ Mobile _______________________

Email address: ______________________________________________

Website address: _________________________________________________

When was your restaurant established? ____________________________

How many restaurants do you own/operate? _________________________

Type of restaurant: casual /fast food/formal/other _____________________

Type of food do you serve now? _____________________________ (Thai, Western, etc)

How many seats/tables? ________________

Size of Kitchen :
Number of kitchen staff: ________________________
Chefs: _______________________
Cooks: _______________________
Prep staff: _______________________


What type of chef do you need? (executive, sous, chef de partie, commis)


What level of English proficiency do you require? _____________________________

How many years of experience should your new chef have?_______________

How long do you want this chef to work for you? __________________________

When do you want him/her to start working? ______________________________

Please provide us with a description of his duties and position (job description):




Number of working hours each day: ___________________________

Number of working days per week: __________________

Days off per week:___________________________ ______________________________________________________________

Any vacation?_________________________________________________

Will you provide a round trip airline ticket to the chef? Yes ______  No________

Will you provide private accommodations near the restaurant?
Yes ________ No ________

Type: house _______ apartment ______ room ______ (shared) _______

Shared kitchen/bathroom/toilet? Yes _______ No _________

Internet included? Yes______ No _______

Work visa provided? Yes______ No_______

Health insurance: Yes _________ No __________

Travel insurance: Yes ________ No __________

Any costs expected to be borne by the chef?___ _______________________

If so, what?
______ _________________________________________________________

Will the chef be able to eat in the restaurant or will he have to eat outside?

Yes_____ No______

Is the Chef responsible for preparing meals for staff? _________

What is the monthly salary range (“after tax” in USD ) for this position? ____________ And any tips expected?__________
What are the visa requirements for a chef to enter and work in your country? (You should contact
your government and maybe even the Thai embassy in your country)


Can you provide supporting documentation for the visa application?



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