Frequently Asked Questions--Professional Chef Program

  1. How much cooking experience do I need to have to attend?
    None.  We recommend learning at least 2 weeks to be better prepared as an Asian culinary specialist.  After a few weeks of cooking, cooking, and cooking, you will be very familiar with use of Asian cooking utensils, knives, Asian ingredients, pastes, etc.
  2. What is the procedure for registration?
    a.  Pick your start date (usually a Monday)
    b.  Advise us by email
    c.  We will confirm if this is a good start date
    d.  Once confirmed, a deposit is necessary to hold your seat for that start date
    e.  Once your deposit is paid, we will provide a Letter of Acceptance to those needing this for a visa.
  3. When do chef courses start?
    They start on each and every Monday of each month.
  4.  Are we members of any professional organizations?
    We are members of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) and the International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Instituitional Education (CHRIE).
  5. What kind of chef training do we offer (our E Brochure: click HERE)?
    (A) 1-4 weeks of professional Thai culinary training (learn 25-30 professional dishes weekly)

    (B) 2 weeks of Asian culinary training (Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean)
    (C) 6 week Pan-Asian course (combining A & B above)
    (D) 1 week Professional Thai Vegetarian Cooking course, here is the schedule–
  6. Private chef training classes are also available.  Just click HERE to learn more.
  7. Do you offer professional pastry and baking training?  We offer from 1 to 5 weeks of training in French pastry, cakes & decorations, chocolates, and bread making.  To read more, click HERE.
  8. How many weeks of professional training do you offer?
    We offer 1 to 6 weeks of intensive professional Thai and Asian cooking, with emphasis on authenticity, professional presentation, and dish mastery.
  9. How is training conducted?
    First, the instructor chef will demonstrate each dish to you so that you take notes on recipes provided.
    Secondly, you prep your ingredients and prepare each dish based on recipes and methods demonstrated.
    Thirdly, your instructor will help guide you with constructive input, tasting what you prepare, making suggestions for improvement, and checking for proper presentation.
  10. When does class run?
    Monday-Friday (unless Saturday is a makeup day)
    9:30 AM onwards–until all assigned dishes are completed
  11. How many professional dishes/day are covered?
    Usually 5-6, depending on complexity (25-30/week) in the Thai cooking course.
    Usually 5 in the Asian cooking course.
  12. Where is the school located?
    We are located 4 blocks from BTS On Nut, 1/2 block from Sukhumvit Road .  Address is 1979/13 Sukhumvit Soi 75/1.
  13. Is Bangkok safe?
    We always get this question.  Actually Bangkok is the safest city that I have ever lived in.
  14. Where can I stay?
    We offer discounted private rooms to our students at 2,500 baht/week.  All rooms are private with a private bath, hot water, wifi, air con.  And for a list of nearby 2 to 4 star accommodations offering special prices for our students, please click HERE.
  15. Are recipes in English?
    All recipes given to our students are in English.
  16. Are classes conducted in English?
    Classes are conducted in English (and Thai when we have Thai students).
    Translators are available for other languages.
  17. Do you have a Facebook page?
    You can see our Facebook page HERE.
  18. Do you issue a school diploma?
    Yes, we issue one which is accepted internationally.
  19. Who will be teaching me?
    To see our chef instructors, please click HERE
  20. How do I pay the deposit (usually 25%)?
    We will give you a payment link which will accept all major credit cards or
    you can make payment via bank wire transfer or Western Union.
  21. How do I pay the remaining balance?
    Unpaid balance (not already paid by credit card or bank wire transfer) is due first day of class paid in either cash (Thai Baht) or by credit card (+3%).
  22. What is the class size?
    Maximum of 7 in a class.
  23. What is included in my tuition? 
    Instruction in English
    Supplies and utensils (knives, etc)
    Recipes in English
    All that you cook (lunch, dinner,…)
    Ice water, hot tea, hot coffee
    T Shirt for all students + apron for those completing 4 or more weeks of training
  24. What about vegan, vegetarian, and halal?
    All are available upon request, and we offer a 5 days professional vegetarian/vegan course.  You can see the dishes covered in this class by clicking HERE.
  25. All USD prices are subject to change based on daily fluctuations in the exchange rate.
  27. How are the chef training classrooms setup?
    We recently moved into a much larger facility.  All equipment is new and classrooms are fully air conditioned.  All instruction, prepping, and cooking is done in air conditioning.  Each chef training station has new triple gas burners, new granite counters, and new sinks.  Here are a few pictures to illustrate:


Chef Training Classroom

Chef Training Classroom

Bangkok Thai Culinary School