60 g  Chicken, sliced

1-2 T  Yellow curry paste

1  T  Cooking oil

1 C  Coconut cream

½ C  Coconut milk

50 g  Potato, (cubed & boiled)

30 g  Onion, cubed


1 t Palm sugar

1 T  Fish sauce



1.  Put oil in wok and add 1 T of yellow curry paste, stir vigorously until fragrant.

  1. Add coconut cream and stir well until fat separates (oil rises to top)

3.  Add chicken and fry for about 1 minute.

4.  Add coconut milk, onion , potato, seasoning with palm sugar and fish sauce.

5.  Stir constantly until chicken is cooked.

6.  Serve over rice and enjoy!


Serves: 1 – 2

NOTE: With all Thai meals, always taste before serving.  Adjust flavor to your preference.


Recipes presented here will vary some from your class.  Every instructor teaches differently, and cooking is an art, not a science.  No two chefs will cook the same dish identically.  This is why the same dish eaten in multiple restaurants will all taste a bit different.  There is no such thing as “one” perfect recipe.  These recipes have been reviewed by us and are intended to be reference only.

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