Glass Noodle Salad



1  1/2  T Fish sauce

1 Limes

1 ½ t Palm sugar

2 t Tamarind juice

1-2 Garlic

1-2 Shallot

1-2 Chilies


½ C Mung bean noodles, soaked and soft

50 g Minced chicken

3-6 Shrimp, boiled (Optional)

½ Tomato, sliced

½ Onion (wedge)

2 stalks Chinese celery (cut in 1″inch lengths)

1 T Roasted peanuts

1 stalk Spring onion

GARNISH: Coriander leaf, red chili, and lettuce


1.Chopped chili , garlic and shallot then put into mixing bowl set aside.
2.Prepare the dressing– mix lime juice, fish sauce, and palm sugar, then mix well in mixing bowl.
3.Boil minced chicken, glass noodle until cook.
4.Place 2 & 3 in mixing bowl, add onion, celery , tomatoes and toss gently.
Place the salad on a bed of lettuce. Sprinkle with the coriander leaf and peanut. Optional garnish with red chili and boiled shrimp.


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